The Driver

There are only three types of people on the Road.

The Driver, the Good One and the rest.

The Driver:

Ability to fully understand and always at full control of the vehicle they are handling.

Full understanding of all road signs, road markings, and traffic rules and following them.

Ability to understand the weather and traffic situation and acting according to it.

Accessing, protecting (self and others) and informing the authorities in case of the road emergency.

All the above only makes you a Driver First.

You are on the road because you passed the test and has a trough understanding of ALL the rules of traffic. (including the vehicle in your control)

Following all the traffic rules only make you Driver but not a good one.

The Good One:

1. Not insisting on your rights

2. Expect mistakes from other drivers

3. Behaves partner-like

4. Drives quiet and calm

5. Refrained from showing himself superior to others

The Bad One:

1. He takes every opportunity to overtake

2. Outpaces others to show his superiority

3. His driving is associated with risks

4. And many more

In nutshell, you cannot recognize a good driver easily on the road, because they don’t care to make their presence.

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